Montage Studio FAQ

Get answers to frequently asked questions about TBD.

General Questions

What is Montage Studio?
Montage Studio is a new development environment that helps streamline the development of MontageJS applications. Montage Studio provides tools to help manage your development workflow, from creating a project to previewing and testing your application. It also leverages the declarative nature of the MontageJS framework to help you assemble applications by encoding your intent at a higher level than most other frameworks and toolsets. With Montage Studio, you can quickly assemble components and describe their relationships and then, using the custom editing environment, seamlessly move into writing the code you actually care to write.

Who is the target audience for Montage Studio?
Montage Studio is for developers who want to quickly assemble the structure of a MontageJS application and iteratively integrate their own functionality and design.

Why should I use Montage Studio?
If you appreciate the encapsulation and convenient separation of concerns built into the MontageJS framework, Montage Studio is a natural fit that makes it even easier to generate and rapidly build an application. Montage Studio is the editing experience that MontageJS was built to enable.

What makes Montage Studio different than other cloud IDEs?
Montage Studio is not a general purpose editor; it is tailored to build MontageJS applications. This means Montage Studio intimately understands MontageJS applications and the ecosystem in which they live. It doesn’t hurt, of course, that Montage Studio itself was built using MontageJS.

What type of applications can I build with Montage Studio?
Montage Studio unleashes the full power of MontageJS to help ease the development of single-page web applications through the emergent benefits of components, data-bindings, and everything else that makes MontageJS a solid choice regardless of type of application.

Does Montage Studio support collaborative coding?
MontageJS promotes collaboration with its clearly defined separation of concerns. Montage Studio makes it seamless to follow MontageJS best practices. Additionally Montage Studio uses Github as its persistent storage; all of your work is always available on Github, ready for you to use in a typical git-empowered workflow. Note, however, that Montage Studio currently does not support real-time collaboration.

Can I use Montage Studio with any web browser?
Montage Studio currently works best in the latest version of Google Chrome on OS X, Windows, and Linux.

Getting Started

How do I get started with MontageJS?
Check out our Quick Start to get a feel for working in Montage Studio, and see what you can do with this new tool.