determinate :boolean source

Whether promise is in a determinate progress sate, meaning that it has provided a progress ratio with its most recent progress event.

error :Error source

The error from the promise, if it was rejected.

fulfilled :boolean source

Whether promise is in a fulfilled state, with a value.

ok source

Makes an XHR request and only resolves the promise if the response status is 2xx, otherwise it is rejected. The rejected Error object has a response property containing the response.

pending :boolean source

Whether promise is in a pending state, in progress.

progress source

The last known progress value emitted by the promise.

progressState :string source

One of "determinate", "indeterminate", "fulfilled", "rejected".

promise :Promise source

The promise whose state is interesting.

rejected :boolean source

Whether promise is in a rejected state, with a error.

state :string source

One of "pending", "fulfilled", "rejected".


Makes an XHR request.


value source

The fulfillment value of the promise, if any.

Type Definitions

delegateWillMergeObjectWithLabel(label, newLabel) → {string|undefined} source

This delegate method is called when merging an object from serialization2 into serialization1. It allows the delegate to change how the object is going to be merged by saying that the object already exists in serialization1 under a different or the same label.

When the delegate method doesn't return a string then the default behavior is to add a new object to serialization1. If the object's label collides with another label in serialization1 then a new label is generated and used.

By returning a label that exists in serialization1 from the delegate method all references to the object being merged will change to point to the object from serialization1 instead and the object will not be merged. By returning a label that does not exist in both serializations the object will be merged into serialization2 with this new label instead.

Name Type Description
label string

The object label.

newLabel string

The new label generated by the collision resolver in case of collision.

Returns: string | undefined

the new label for this object.

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