Object source


extendedPropertyAttributes source

uuid source

Contains an object's unique ID.

Default Value:
  • null


create(prototype, descriptor) <constructor> source

Creates a new object that inherits prototypically directly from a given prototype, optionally defining some properties.

Name Type Description
prototype Object

the prototype to inherit, or null for no prototype, which makes "proto" the only special property name.

descriptor Object

a property descriptor


a new object inheriting from the given prototype and having the given property descriptor.

getPropertyDescriptor(anObject, propertyName) → {Object} <constructor> source

Returns the descriptor object for an object's property.

Name Type Description
anObject Object

The object containing the property.

propertyName string

The name of the property.

Returns: Object

The object's property descriptor.

clear() source

Removes all properties owned by this object making the object suitable for reuse.



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