PropertyBlueprint source


cardinality :number source

Cardinality of the property blueprint.

The Cardinality of an property blueprint is the number of values that can be stored. A cardinality of one means that only one object can be stored. Only positive values are legal. A value of infinity means that any number of values can be stored.

Default Value:
  • 1

collectionValueType :string source

denyDelete :boolean source

Default Value:
  • false

enumValues :Array source

List of values for enumerated value types

identifier :string <readonly> source

The identifier is the name of the blueprint, dot, the name of the property blueprint, and is used to make the serialization of property blueprints more readable.

isAssociationBlueprint :boolean <readonly> source

Default Value:
  • false

isDerived :boolean source

Default Value:
  • false

isToMany :boolean <readonly> source

Returns true if the cardinality is more than one.

Default Value:
  • false

mandatory :boolean source

Default Value:
  • false

name :string <readonly> source

Name of the object. The name is used to define the property on the object.

owner source

Component description attached to this property blueprint.

readOnly :boolean source

Default Value:
  • false

valueObjectModuleId :string source

valueObjectPrototypeName :string source

valueType :string source


initWithNameBlueprintAndCardinality(name, blueprint, cardinality) source

Initialize a newly allocated property blueprint.

Name Type Description
name string

name of the property blueprint to create

blueprint Blueprint
cardinality number

name of the property blueprint to create



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