Iteration source

A reusable view-model for each iteration of a repetition. Each iteration corresponds to a value from the Repetition#contentController. When an iteration is drawn, it is tied to the corresponding controller-model that carries which object the iteration is coupled to, and whether it is selected.


active :boolean source

Whether this iteration should be highlighted. It might be highlighted because the user is touching it, or because it is under some other user cursor as in an autocomplete popdown where the arrow keys manipulate the active iteration.

index :number source

The position of this iteration within the content controller, and within the document immediately after the repetition has drawn.

isDirty source

Set when the contents of the iteration no longer match their template.

object :Object source

The corresponding content for this iteration.

selected :boolean source

Whether the content for this iteration is selected. This property is bound bidirectionally to whether every element on the document for the corresponding drawn iteration has the selected CSS class (synchronized on draw), and whether the object is in the contentController.selection collection.

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